New Drubner Hosting Reel!

Posted by drub | I Made These!,I'm In These! | Thursday 12 January 2012 12:58 pm

This is what I look like and sound like and dislike when I’m hosting a thing.

Drub Stand-Up at Molly’s

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YouTube Preview Image

Yes, it’s true, in addition to working out, I do a little stand-up comedy.

Here’s a lil’ set from a thing called “Stand-Up Salad” at Molly Malone’s.

People seemed to enjoy themselves.  I did, too. Stand-up is sooooooo fun.

Gimme Mohr Drubner!

Posted by drub | I Wrote These!,I'm In These!,Latest News | Friday 24 June 2011 8:53 pm

I was in Vegas last week for the AIAS Video Game Awards.

Yes, the Academy Of Interactive Arts & Sciences!  How did you know that??!!

It’s The Oscars of video games.

Jay Mohr hosted.  And for the 2nd year in a row, I wrote the show, including Jay’s monologue.

(Yes, he ad-libbed – he’s Jay Mohr)

But for the record, he knows nothing about games.  Ad-lib that.

Its the first time I’ve ever been thanked onstage.

Probably be the last, too.  Whatevs.  I got mines.

“Best Of” ESPN Road Trip!

Posted by drub | I Made These!,I'm In These! | Friday 10 June 2011 11:24 am

Those of you fortunate enough to have attended the 2011 ESPYs know one thing…

ESPN Road Trip (the show I host & produce) was IN THE HOUSE!

Literally. The “Best Of” played in the house during a commercial break.

I watched with Cam Newton. It was magical.

Stoked Mentoring

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As some of you already know, I’m a mentor.

Yes, as in a role model.  As in a big brother.  As in a good person.

Okay, maybe not as in good person. But passable.

Stoked Mentoring was founded by Sal Masekela and Steve Larosiliere.

It’s all about life mentoring through action sports.

We take our “mentees” surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding.

Sunday was the first day of snow.

Check out me and my mentee, Erick, chilling at Big Bear.

I’m the one without the mustache.  Odd, yes, I know.  Feel free to donate.

Unless you want ME to be his only hope…

Just saying…

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