Drub Stand-Up at Molly’s

Posted by drub | I Wrote These!,I'm In These!,Latest News | Thursday 17 November 2011 4:14 pm
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Yes, it’s true, in addition to working out, I do a little stand-up comedy.

Here’s a lil’ set from a thing called “Stand-Up Salad” at Molly Malone’s.

People seemed to enjoy themselves.  I did, too. Stand-up is sooooooo fun.

ESPY Awards – Will as Tiger

Posted by drub | I Wrote These!,Latest News | Saturday 10 September 2011 7:22 pm

Backstory:  I’m the head writer / co-producer of The ESPY Awards.

Story:  Halfway through the 2008 ESPY Awards, EP Maura Mandt taps me on the shoulder and says, “Will Ferrell is in Justin Timberlake’s dressing room.  Go help him write his thing.”

My first thought?  Name-dropper!

(I know, I’m a jerk, whatevs.)

So down I go, and there he is.

Tells me he wants to accept Tiger Woods’ award for Best Male Athlete as Tiger Woods.

I can dig it.  Provided no makeup is involved.  That sh*t’s not cool.

Turns out we’re on the same page.

We start throwing around ideas.

I like his.  He likes mine.

SNL scribe supreme  / Fallon announcer Steve Higgins enters and adds a few gems.  As usual.

I leave, grab ESPY writer Bennett Webber, and together we type it up and punch it up.

25 minutes later, Will brings down the house.

Good times.

Gimme Mohr Drubner!

Posted by drub | I Wrote These!,I'm In These!,Latest News | Friday 24 June 2011 8:53 pm

I was in Vegas last week for the AIAS Video Game Awards.

Yes, the Academy Of Interactive Arts & Sciences!  How did you know that??!!

It’s The Oscars of video games.

Jay Mohr hosted.  And for the 2nd year in a row, I wrote the show, including Jay’s monologue.

(Yes, he ad-libbed – he’s Jay Mohr)

But for the record, he knows nothing about games.  Ad-lib that.

Its the first time I’ve ever been thanked onstage.

Probably be the last, too.  Whatevs.  I got mines.

Goin’ Back To Philly

Posted by drub | I Wrote These!,Latest News | Friday 13 May 2011 2:39 pm


Check out this promo for “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.”

It’s LL Cool J’s “Goin’ Back To Cali,” but instead of Cali…it’s Philly.  


Jeru The Damaja laid down vocals.  

Fred Savaged helmed. 

And I wrote it!  (Well, I wrote the first several drafts anyway.)

The Dream Team – back together again!

Hope you dig it.  I do.  I Love this show.

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