Stoked Mentoring

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As some of you already know, I’m a mentor.

Yes, as in a role model.  As in a big brother.  As in a good person.

Okay, maybe not as in good person. But passable.

Stoked Mentoring was founded by Sal Masekela and Steve Larosiliere.

It’s all about life mentoring through action sports.

We take our “mentees” surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding.

Sunday was the first day of snow.

Check out me and my mentee, Erick, chilling at Big Bear.

I’m the one without the mustache.  Odd, yes, I know.  Feel free to donate.

Unless you want ME to be his only hope…

Just saying…

The Newest L.A. Laker?

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Magic.  Kareem.  Kobe.  Drubner?

Aw hellllll yeah!

I got skills!

I got big hands!

And I got Samuel L. Jackson over my right shoulder.

Like a guardian angel.  Or a parrot. 

What did I learn shooting promos for the ESPYs at the Staples Center?

Courtside is for suckers.  



Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Yes, my main squeeze and I made sushi at home for Valentine’s Day.

Yes, when she got home from work, I was wearing a Yankees #55 Matsui kimono.

Yes, that’s a matching headband.

Yes, I am the greatest.



ESPN Road Trip / Winter X Games

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Big News, Drub Addicts!!

ESPN Road Trip is more than just a college football booze cruise!

We just kicked it at Winter X Games 13 with my boy Sal Masekela!

And I got to snowboard with Travis Rice, the best snowboarder alive!

Here’s a taste…



Now click the links below , register on, vote, and comment…or else!


Winter X Games Day 2



Winter X Games Final Day 



(Admit it, it’s kinda nice having me out of town so much…)


Welcome to Drub-Induced!

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Hey, I’m Drubner!

That’s me up there, and this is my blog or  vlog or whatevs.

I write things, I’m in things, and I make things. 

And best of all, I get paid to be myself.

Yes. Genius.  I know.


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